Emacs basics

If you seldom use Emacs it is easy to forget the arcane operation of Emacs...

Exit Emacs

Ctrl + X Ctrl + C.

M-x notation

"M" is effectively "Alt" (on most systems).

Thus M-x means Alt + X.

C-x notation

"C" is effectively "Ctrl" (on most systems).

Thus C-x means Ctrl + X.

Creating/locating the settings file

Alt + X customize. Press "Apply and Save" (Emacs 24 for Windows). This will create the file ".emacs" in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data or C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming depending on the Windows version.

Locate it by: Ctrl + X D ~/ Return

Add modes/Elisp code

<This section is under construction...>

Example: Add the Intel-hex-mode Elisp code

Download it and copy file intel-hex-mode.el to the same folder as file .emacs.

Add this to .emacs:

    (require 'intel-hex-mode)


To open a file: Ctrl + X Ctrl + F Enter <Select file> Enter

To save: Ctrl + X Ctrl + W Enter y 

Ctrl + X O to switch in split windows (e.g. after Ctrl + X B).

Ctrl + X Ctrl + B to get a list of windows (buffers).

Ctrl + X B to switch between windows.

To be continued...