The ALT.NET movement

The ALT.NET movement is somewhat mysterious. Here are some leads (however the altnetpedia.com links seem to be effectively broken now):
What is ALT .NET? by Jeremy D. Miller
http://altnetpedia.com/default.aspx?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1 Wiki for ALT.NET. The real meat! E.g. detailed articles with lists of tools, books, blog posts, Screen Casts, for: Continuous integration, Behavior Driven Development, Tools
http://altnetpedia.com/Resources.ashx#Tutorials_4 Tutorials
http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/altdotnet/message/22146 From ALT.NET: "Hudson is very easy once you get over the initial learning stage. For instance, it took me only about 10 minutes to set up email notification for failed builds sending to the developer you broke the build." "Hudson has a plug-in environment and there are many available. I use SVN for source control and this is just a radio button and a repository URL to configure. I use polling to check for committed changes to the code and again a radio button. I use NAnt to build and this is a plug-in. I use NUnit to run unit tests and this is just a plug-in. There are Git, Gallio, Doxygen, Bugzilla, Build Publisher, LDAP Email, MSBuild, Mercurial, MSTest, Selenium, Twitter and many more plug-ins."
http://altnetpodcast.com/ Alt.NET Podcast. RSS-feed URL: http://feeds.feedburner.com/altnetpodcast
http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/altdotnet/message/22076 From ALT.NET. Automated Build Frameworks - Recommendations? http://guard From herding code 84, Herding Code 84: Ex-Microsoft Developer Panel with Mike Moore, Jeff Cohen, and Scott Bellware convention over configuration
http://www.genericerror.com/blog/default,month,2008-10.aspx "I've become quite a fan of Eric Evans book, Domain Driven Design.", "Part of my recent work has been been moving towards the persistence ignorance. All this really means is creating a domain layer that is not aware of, and has no dependency on the way it is stored." "Microsoft recently released the ADO.Net Entity Framework which was lots of fun for the ALT.NET crowd because it gave them something new to complain about. " NHibernate
http://altnetseattle.pbwiki.com/Agenda-and-Session-Notes Schedule for ALT.NET conference. With links.


CHAOS team

An explanation for what the CHAOS team at Stack Exchange is is in the Meta Stack Overflow post What is the meaning of CHAOS? Is it related to the PSI (?) character? (deleted now, only visible to users with 10,000 or more reputation points on that site, Meta Stack Overflow)

Their main outlet is the Tumblr blog, somewhat confusing called "Stack Exchange Blog" (the Stack Overflow blog effectively has the role of the official blog for the Stack Exchange Network).


Aarthi Devanathan. Twitter account. Main Stack Exchange account, Home Improvement. Blog.

Abby T. Miller. Twitter account. Main Stack Exchange account, Apple. Blog.

Brett White. Twitter account. Main Stack Exchange account, Gaming. Blog.

Lauren Gundrum. Twitter account. Main Stack Exchange account, English. Blog.

Laura. Twitter account. Main Stack Exchange account, Photography. Blog.

Samuel Brand. Twitter account. Main Stack Exchange account, Android. Blog (currently empty).