Current podcasts

Here is my current list of podcasts. It is shorter than the previous, mostly due to a move to a new computer.

The links are RSS URLs.

  • Millionærklubben (Financial. In Danish)
  • Geocast Geography, but also astronomical content, like the current series about planetary science.
  • Security Now 
  • EEVBlog Electronics. Video blog.
  • The Amp Hour Partly the podcast companion to EEVBlog (if and when Dave Jones shows up)
  • Gravity Assist Space missions, mostly planetary.
  • .NET Rocks Software development with .NET, but also other kinds, like C++.
  • Developer on Fire Mostly about soft skills related to software development
  • Complete Developer Podcast Covers all aspects of software development
  • This Week in Google Nominally about Google, but in reality all things going on in the tech industry, with an emphasis on the Internet
  • Hanselminutes About software development, with a high diversity of the interviewees.
  • Astrocast Astronomy, by an actual professional astronomer.